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June 2018


20+ Car Seats on Amazon for Under $150

Car seats have become quite the topic in the past few years. With new recommendations and laws being put in place, it can be a daunting task to find a car seat for your little one.  It can seem even more difficult when you’re on a budget, because society has planted the misconception that cheap = not good. To clear the air: every car seat on the market has to pass the same safety tests. So, whether you spend $50 or $250, rest assured that your child will be safe in any seat you  ...

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Road Trippin’ (Part Three) – Day Two: Northern California to Southern California

It’s taken me awhile, but part three of my “Road Trippin'” series is finally here!   In this post, I’ll be covering day two of our trip: Eureka, CA → Paso Robles, CA   We left Eureka with a goal to make it to Southern California by the end of the day, while also taking time to see a few landmarks, like the Golden Gate Bridge.   Here’s the route we took:   We planned for day two’s drive to be a bit shorter to allow us to sight see a bit. We  ...

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