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Gingerbread Decorating Printable

Need an easy holiday craft for your littles?

My girls LOVE crafts. And since we happened to come down with Covid this holiday season, I figured I’d whip up something festive for them to do at home. This little gingerbread person felt like the perfect friend to add to our holiday decor.

I love incorporating crafts into our holiday fun. Kids can get so bored with the hustle and bustle, so crafting definitely helps keep them occupied. If you’re looking for something they can easily work on by themselves, this activity is for you!

Meet our Gingerbread friend:

gingerbread decorating finished

Isn’t it the cutest?! I tried to keep the clothing and accessories simple so this craft can be done by kids of any age! These can be printed on cardstock to make them a little more sturdy and you can use them as homemade ornaments for the tree! You can also let your kids’ creativity run wild with glitter, poms poms, and whatever else you have on hand. Just have fun!

How to print:

Simply click each photo, download, and print!

gingerbread decorating printable
gingerbread decorating printable accessories
Gingerbread decorating printable clothes

And there you have it! I hope you and your family enjoy this craft and have a wonderful holiday season!