August Mom Crush Monday

You’ve heard the term “MCM” before, right? Well, on my blog, I give that term a different meaning.

On the first Monday of every month, I feature a fellow mom as my Mom Crush Monday, and allow them to share their own journey through motherhood.

Meet my August MCM: Tiffany H.

This month, I’m featuring a mama who is as strong as she is beautiful. She faced the loss of two children and carried her rainbow baby with an inspiring amount of compassion and grace. I can truly say that she is one of the most amazing mothers I know, and I’m so happy she’s allowing me to share her story with all of you!


How old were you when you became a mom?
  • 23
How many kids do you have & what are their ages?
  • Three. Two angel babies & one who is almost 11 months old.
How was your pregnancy with each child? Birth experience?
  • With my first, Joy, my pregnancy was all I had (she had a neural tube defect called anencephaly, so she didn’t live past birth). I didn’t complain about a thing. My birth experience with her was very sudden & unexpected (31weeks). I was scared & sad that I didn’t get more time with her. My nurses were amazing; they helped my husband coach me through an epidural free labor & delivery. My second ended in a miscarriage, unfortunately. My pregnancy with my rainbow boy, Colt, was amazing. I had a little nausea but I continued to stay active. At about 30 weeks, I developed a lot of anxiety; afraid he’d come early like Joy did or something, I guess. But he proved me WAY wrong; he didn’t want to come out! I was induced at 41 weeks & 2 days. My 7 lb, 11.5 oz sunny-side up baby made for a rough labor, but I still did it without an epidural. I felt like superwoman!
Did you have any misconceptions about motherhood before you became a mom? How did your view of motherhood change after becoming a mom?
  • Yes! Before I became a mom, I had this thought in my head that once the baby was out, you would automatically know everything about how to parent. I was so wrong; you learn something new every day about how much you DON’T have it all together.
What is your favorite piece of advice you’ve received about motherhood?
  • My favorite piece of advice is to “take it one day at a time”. Some days you’re on top of everything. Everyone gets fed 3 Pinterest-worthy meals, naps go smoothly, baths are fun, & getting the baby to bed takes like 5 minutes. Others, you’re making dry toast at 11:30 with a baby latched onto your boob, he decides to fight nap time, a bath just doesn’t happen because you forgot & he’s up 7 times that night.
What challenges did you face during your first years as a mom?
  • I think it goes without saying that losing your first child is a challenge in itself. I pumped milk to donate just to keep something physical of her to remind me it wasn’t just an awful nightmare. I longed for those sleepless nights, those milestones I’d never get to see her make & all the cute dresses she’d never get to wear. Now that I have Colt, I am nursing, which can sometimes be difficult. I have to do things one handed very often. Also, he is learning to walk, so baby proofing the house has been a new challenge for us!
How has parenthood changed your relationship with your spouse?
  • It’s definitely made us closer. My husband is an amazing dad. He has Colt by himself often since I work nights at the hospital. Seeing Colt in the mornings when I come home – fed, dry & snuggled up to his daddy –  is the best. I have so much respect & love for him that I didn’t have before we had kids.
How have YOU changed since becoming a mom?
  • This is kind of a weird question for me because I’ve changed a few times. After Joy, I became so much more appreciative of the tiniest things. After my miscarriage, I sort of hardened my heart a little. I hate to say that, but I guess I was just trying to guard myself from any more heartache. Then, after having Colt, I became more comfortable with myself. I hardly ever feel the need to get dolled up. I feel so confident being his mother; he looks at me the same regardless of how my hair looks or how much makeup I have on. (Just to clarify, I do still like wearing makeup, but I don’t feel like I NEED it anymore)
What are your lifesavers as a mom?
  • My husband! Having extra helping hands is a huge blessing. And my carrier, because without it, I’d never get anything done.
Top 3 baby products/brands you’d recommend?
  1. Kinderpack carrier
  2. NoseFrida
  3. Cloth diapers
How do you spend your time when you’re not busy being “mom”? (Hobbies, Interests, etc.)
  • I’m an RN, so I work at the hospital a few nights a week. I also like going out to a movie & dinner with my husband every now and then.
What is one thing you wish you had done BEFORE becoming a mom?
  • I can’t think of anything. I kind of wish we’d started trying as soon as I finished nursing school.
Favorite part about being a mom?
  • The fact that I’m home base to him. He knows that if he needs me, I’m right there & I hope he always knows that.
Most memorable “mom moment”?
  • Getting pooped on in the grocery store parking lot in the middle of a diaper change when I forgot wipes & had to walk into the store with poop on my leg like it was no big deal.
Any advice for new moms?
  • The same advice I got: “just take it one day at a time”. You’re doing great!
Who is your Mom Crush?
  • My sister, Aundrea


Do you have a “Mom Crush”? Ask them a few of these questions. It can really put into perspective just how different every mother’s journey through motherhood is!