Life Update & Upcoming Posts

Holy moly…..I haven’t blogged in TWO MONTHS. It’s about time I gave you all an update on what life’s been like lately.


If you’ve been wondering where I’ve been…..well, I’ve been everywhere.


At the beginning of February, we embarked on a month long trip from Washington to Texas to Tennessee then finally to Arizona. My husband is in the Army and it was time for us to PCS (which in civilian terms just means we had to move). We packed up our home at the end of January and spent the entire month of February traveling. And guys……it was ROUGH. But we are finally settled in Arizona, which will be “home” for the next six months. I’m so excited to dive back into blogging and share some of the posts I’ve been working on.


In the next few weeks I’ll be sharing some tips on traveling with young children, how to make the most of stops on road trips, and some of my favorite moments from our adventure. I’ll also have fun posts for the upcoming holidays and some spring style posts as well. I hope you guys will love them!


Stay tuned!