What’s Inside My Hospital Bag + A Free Checklist!

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I’m currently 38 weeks pregnant with my second child and I definitely feel like this pregnancy has flown by! My toddler has kept me busy; so busy that I just now started packing my bag for the hospital. Talk about procrastinating!
Packing your hospital bag is pretty much the last step in preparing for baby’s arrival. You’d think it would be easy to pack a bag, right? Wrong. It’s really kind of stressful, especially if you don’t know what to pack! So, I thought I would make a post about what I packed in hopes that it might help other mamas out!


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      1. Robe – Robes just scream comfort to me, so having one to wear during recovery was a must. With my first, the second they got us settled in the Mother/Baby unit, I took that scratchy hospital gown off and slipped into my robe. It was really nice to have that feeling of “luxury” and “home” during our stay in the hospital. I definitely recommend getting a nice, cotton robe for your bag!
      2. Tees/Tanks – Once you’re in recovery, you’ll probably want to get out of that hospital gown as soon as possible. Pack some comfy tees or tank tops to wear throughout your stay!
      3. Bralette – This one is honestly just a preference, but I’m packing a lacy bralette to wear because we are having “Fresh 48” photos done in the hospital.
      4. Nursing Bras – I’m not planning to breastfeed, but I still packed some nursing bras. They’re super comfy and I wanted them on hand just in case I do decide to breastfeed. Be sure to pack some sort of comfortable bra to wear (or just #freethenipple!). Totally up to you!
      5. Underwear – Okay, so the hospital will most likely give you underwear but guys, those things are awful. It’s basically just a big Depend and at some point you’re going to want to wear some normal undies. Behold, “boyshorts”. Not only are they comfy, but they’ll be able to hold the massive pads you’ll have to wear during your stay (and for the next few weeks). Best of all, they’re cheap, so you won’t feel bad if they get ruined.
      6. Yoga Pants – As I mentioned above, you’re going to want to wear your own clothes at some point. So pack some yoga pants (NOT tight fitting, just in case you have a c-section). If yoga pants aren’t your thing, any type of sweats or pajama pants would be great, too!
      7. T-Shirt Dress – What you wear home is entirely up to you. Some women just want to be comfortable, others go all out and dress up. I’m just sticking to a simple t-shirt dress. It’s cute but not uncomfortable, and it’s easy to dress up or down!
      8. Socks – The hospital will provide socks for you to wear, but I’m packing some fuzzy socks as well. Just remember, the hospital will require any socks that you wear to have grips on the bottom!
      9. Nursing Pads – Odds are, your milk will come in while you’re in the hospital, so pack some nursing pads to protect your clothes!
      10. Shoes – Again, this one is a personal preference, but I’m packing some slip on sneakers to wear home!
      11. Slippers – You don’t have to pack slippers, but I liked having them to wear during recovery with my first, so they’re in my bag again!


        1. Body Wash
        2. Deodorant
        3. Dry Shampoo – Labor and delivery is pretty unpredictable and even if you plan to shower, it may be awhile before you can. So, pack some dry shampoo to freshen up your locks if needed!
        4. Hair Brush
        5. Shampoo/Conditioner
        6. Micellar Water – This is what I use to take my makeup off, so it’s in my bag. But bring your preferred makeup remover with you (if you plan to wear makeup during your stay!)
        7. Face Wash
        8. Toothbrush/Toothpaste
        9. Blanket – The hospital will probably have blankets for you, but I’m bringing my own for the added comfort of home!
        10. Chapstick
        11. Mascara – I didn’t wear makeup during labor with my first, but I plan to this time! Mascara will give your eyes that little bit of “pop” and hide the fact that you’ve been awake for hours!
        12. Pillows – Again, the hospital will have these for you, but they might not be very comfortable. Pack your own just in case!
        13. Towels – This is just an extra comfort for me, because the thought of using hospital towels freaks me out.
        14. CC Cream – I’m planning to wear makeup, but I don’t want a full face. This CC Cream has just enough coverage that it will cover my dark circles and make me look like less of a zombie in photos!
        15. Hair Ties – These aren’t pictured (mainly because I ran out of room on my photo collage) but they are a must have!


          1. Tee – Dad won’t need much, but make sure he has a tee or two to change into when and if he showers!
          2. Socks – Unfortunately, the hospital won’t provide socks for Daddy! Have him pack a pair or two!
          3. Slippers – Daddy probably won’t want to wear sneakers the entire time, so slippers are a must have for him, too!
          4. Underwear – This one’s a given…..don’t let him wear the same undies for your entire stay!
          5. Shorts – Have him pack some comfy shorts or sweatpants!
          6. Laptop – Labor and delivery is a long process and even though it’s an exciting time, Daddy might get bored. Pack something to keep him entertained!
          7. Pillows – Hospitals are a bit stingy when it comes to providing things to make Dads comfortable. Pack a pillow for Daddy!
          8. Towels – If dad takes a shower, he’ll probably want his own towel, so pack one for him!
          9. Blanket – Dad will be sleeping on an awful, pull out chair bed. Make sure he has a nice blanket to make his stay a little more comfortable.
          10. Toiletries – Luckily, guys don’t need much when it comes to grooming. Just pack some 2 in 1 shampoo/conditioner, body wash, deodorant, and a toothbrush/toothpaste and he’ll be good to go!


          1. Diapers – The hospital will most likely provide these for you, but pack a few just in case!
          2. Wipes – Again, these will be provided by the hospital, but it never hurts to have extras on hand.
          3. Baby Book – Pack your baby book to put baby’s footprints in!
          4. Swaddle Blankets – I believe most hospitals will give you a blanket, but they’re usually not very soft. I’m bringing a muslin swaddle blanket with me to use instead of the blanket the hospital will provide!
          5. Hat – This one is a personal preference, but I’m having a girl, so I ordered a hospital hat with a bow for her to wear after she’s born!
          6. Socks – Hospitals are usually very chilly, so be sure to have warm socks on hand for your baby.
          7. Going Home Outfit – You don’t have to pack anything special for baby to go home in, but most parents want something cute for baby to wear.
          8. Outfits – If you’re having your first baby, you’ll be staying at least 2 nights in the hospital. Pack 2 (or more) outfits for baby to wear during your stay!
          9. Scratch Mittens – I totally dropped the ball with my first baby and failed to pack scratch mittens. I had no idea how sharp baby nails were. My poor daughter had scratches all over her face within hours of being born. So this time, I’m packing a few pairs of mittens to protect baby’s face from those razor nails they’re born with!
          10. Boppy Pillow – Whether you’re planning to breastfeed or not, I recommend bringing along a Boppy Pillow. It will assist you in holding baby for breastfeeding or bottle feeding!
          11. Car Seat – You can’t leave the hospital without a proper car seat for your baby! Most hospitals will require you to bring your baby’s seat into the room so they can ensure you have secured baby correctly before they’ll even discharge you from the hospital, so don’t forget it!




  1. Snacks
  2. Gift Bags for Nurses/Doctors
  3. Nipple Cream
  4. Breast Pump (if breastfeeding)
  5. Pacifier
  6. Contacts/Glasses
  7. Numbing Spray (for your lady parts!)
  8. Water Bottle
  9. Important Paperwork
  10. Medicine (Stool Softener, Tylenol, etc.)


Well, there you go! My hospital bag “must haves”! I hope this was somewhat helpful for my fellow expecting mamas. Veteran moms, if there is anything I might have forgotten, please let me know in the comments!

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Packing your hospital bag is the last step in preparing for baby's arrival. You'd think it'd be easy but it can be stressful if you don't know what to pack.