Show Your Goodness with Juicy Juice

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Doing good feels good, and there are so many ways to show your goodness! Volunteering, donating food or toys, or even just smiling at someone on the street. Good deeds make the world a better place, and Juicy Juice wants to see the good deeds your child has done.

Acts of Goodness

Teaching my girls the value of doing good deeds is one of the most important lessons, in my opinion, and I take every opportunity to do so with my girls!

One way my girls show their goodness is by cleaning up at our local community park. We enjoy some time playing and then take a few minutes to clean up trash before we head home. It takes almost no time at all and makes a much bigger impact than we realize! A few other things we enjoy doing are paying it forward, donating items we no longer use, and always being polite to everyone we see by smiling and saying “hello”.

Here are some more ways to be kind and show your goodness:

Show Your Goodness with Juicy Juice

The Contest:

Juicy Juice wants to see all the goodness your kids share with the world! Share your child’s act of goodness with a photo and a short caption. Your entry will give your child a chance to win $1,500!

  • Enter your child into one of the two age group categories (Ages 2-5 or Ages 6-10) from now until January 31st.
  • The top 10 entries from each age group will be posted for voting between February 13th and February 23rd.
  • Vote for your favorites and help pick the 10 winners of the $1,500 prize!

Doing good makes the world a better place. And instilling the importance of doing good into our children means a future with more goodness and love. Whether it’s a simple smile or a day spent cleaning up trash, any act of goodness can make a change.

Show Your Goodness and inspire others to do the same!