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Must Have Apps for Parents of Babies & Toddlers

Before I became a parent, I swore I wouldn’t let technology interfere with my parenting. I also swore my kids would never use technology as toddlers.   And then I had kids.   Turns out, I’m more reliant on my phone than I should be (you know, for social interaction) and my toddler is so tech savvy that she could probably teach AppleĀ® a few things. And you know, that’s not really a bad thing. There are good (and bad) ways to utilize technology for yourself and  ...

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To My Husband, When I’ve Forgotten You

My Sweet Husband, Life is busy these days. You work tirelessly to provide for us while I chase a toddler who is hardly tired at all. The days are long and the nights are exhausting. At the end of the day, we collapse into bed, unable to utter another word. We say our goodnights and as you drift off to sleep, I lie awake and realize that I have forgotten you again.   You & I… Before there was all of us, it was just you and I. We had the most fun together; going on adventures,  ...

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